So its officially 157 days until my wedding and to say I’m panicking is a bit of an understatement.  I’ve signed up to the body coach 90 day SSS  – last September! While I gave C1 welly, C2 was hit and miss, C3 never happened – a lot of work travel, engagement and birthday conspired against me.  Not that I’d change it.  So I’m back on the wagon.  Yesterday was prep day – I’ll need to do more again come the weekend, but you know what, that’s ok too.

In total –

  • x3 different types of soup to try and increase my intake of Green veg.
  • Beef casserole
  • Turkey muffins (made into a loaf as my bun tins were just too small)
  • Raspberry fluff to try lil kill the sweet tooth
  • RCO as cookies (currently in the oven).


Tomorrow’s lunch is about to go in the other oven (beef meatballs) which i’ll have with courgette soup (which I love actually)……and as tomorrow is training day, I’m promising myself either protein pancakes as waffles or a BUB depending on what I feel like after I work out.  Thats the one meal i don’t mind making as I’ve that post work out time (60-90 mins) to decide what I want and make it.

Technically himself is on the plan as well but has less than zero will power so he announced that he *thinks* he’s going to do the plan for the 3 months before we get married (aka July, August, Sept).  I couldn’t leave it that long so I’m back on it again.


One thing I definitely learned from the previous time I did C1 was I’m definitely not drinking enough water and I’m now much more fit, I’m more confident in the gym, stronger  – but feck it those shin splints are an awful pain so I try to vary my cardio.  Also, my new favourite app (Zombies Run) helps relieve the boredom.




Very sad to hear about the end of beaut.ie, there never was a friendlier better bunch of people to spend the day with 😦

Stuffed flap jacks.

These are amazing. They keep pretty well and if you don’t like coconut done worry, it’s not a stand out flavour here- especially if you’re using berries. I think it keeps it moist.

The recipe calls for soya flour- haven’t figured out what that is so normal flour is what I usually use although I did end up using rice flour last time and it was just fine.


Edit: Shygirl  – sorry about how it posted, I must have been asleep doing it!


1) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and line your baking tray with parchment paper

2) Measure the oats, sugar ,coconut and flour into a large mixing bowl and combine well.  Form  a well in the centre of the mix and  and melt the butter/marg and pour into the well.  Stir well until evenly distributed.

3) Press half of the oat mix onto the lined baking tray – fill all the way to the sides and corners!  Next scatter whatever filling you’re using over this base.  Over this filling put the second half of the oat mix.  Press firmly, if you press firmly enough the bars will be pretty sturdy – but if you don’t the mix can crumble and fall apart.  Total personal preference, I like mine kind of crumbly as I mix it with my yougurt in the morning.

4) Bake for 30-35 mins until golden brown.  Cool in tray and cut.



Bag it up! Day five


Maybe a controversial choice as it’s quasi bag lady and does get a bit of attention. I submit for your consideration this lime green and brown number I got about seven years ago in marks and Spencer’s on GRafton Street. I had a smaller number of this in turquoise that died a death but I do still love this one. It’s a click button fasten. The colour brightens everything and it while it can’t be seen properly in the picture there is a set of brown beads highlighting one side.

I love this colour. So bright and zesty. Looking for a nice leather or at least leather look one for the same reason

My bag my bag! My kingdom for a bag

Yes I have problems lol.

So this is one of my favourite bags. Especially handy for travelling where you can sling it across your body so your hands and arms are free.

It’s more than likely obvious that this is another one of my orla kielys and I just adore this print ( have a laptop bag with the same print in red). While I like the small cars it’s the big original print is my love!!

I think his one will be the bag for my


A bag a day keeps the dr away

I’d a bit of trouble picking bag for today but when I came across this beauty I had to pick it. I haven’t used this bag ok ages but it holds some great memories of my college internship and time I spent in the east coast of America. Funnily enough I got this bag from a friend who was living in Dublin I think at the time for my birthday and I fell in love with it.

Tell me what’s not to love about the fluffy turquoise and stand out flowers?! The orange inside and the fact it goes with more than you would ever think.

I’m a pretty plain dresser but as I’ve mentioned before I love I add a mad bag for colour.

Does this make me a crazy bag lady??


Battle of the bulge

Some of you who are on beaut.ie will know about my efforts to loose a bit of weight and tone up and get fit and all those virtuous things which should be easier than they are but are just not 😦


So I was out for dinner last night with friends and I managed to get my first wear out of a french connection dress I bought a few months ago but didn’t quite fit into, don’t get me wrong, it’s still a bit snug but at least it fits which is a bonus!

People will probably disagree with me but over the past week or so in an effort to curb my wandering taste buds and their sidekick my spare tyre, I’ve started to dust off my shapewear a bit more.  While I’m working anyway it’s definitely a help – it just makes me aware I can’t stuff myself and in a weird way it’s quite motivating.


I might not be there, but i feel encouraged.  I’m still hating spin class so I’m going to try another gym to see if that makes any difference as well as maybe bikrim yoga too with a friend of mine over the next few weeks.  I see the benefit of spin but my asthma is making it tough and let’s face it, despite it being Octover it’s still depressingly humid.

Ode to a handbag


One of my favourites. This was a bag I picked up in Dublin Airport about six years ago, a mini orla kiely in deep brown and blue. It goes with everything and is&t default night out bag. Handy over the shoulder. Handy key chain thingie, two sections. One pocket. Water proof. What’s not to love about it

A bag a day- day 1!


An experiment!! I love make up and shoes and clothes but my first love are handbags. Anyone who know me knows that I have a lot and I mean a lot!!

A handbag can make or break an outfit. A splash of colour! A handbag won’t make you feel fat, won’t hurt your feet, pinch your toes but will hold your life if you need to and complete an outfit!

Today’s bag is one I’ve had die a few years, one of my lulu Guinness numbers which I have neglected. I love lulu and the whimsical girlie nature of her bags and lets face it who doesn’t love cocktails??!

Big knit 2013


Something I mentioned a few times on blather was the fact I was doing some knitting If mini hats for age action Ireland and innocent. I did more after the picture was taking but here’s a good selection of them. Weirdly relaxing knitting. Think I will start to do some more of it!